Technological Flaw

When you are an artist, what you do defines who and what you are. You develop a taste for a genre, a style, or a theme even. Then, people see you as that person who loves this or that. Sometimes, you become that person without knowing it.

The False Influence

A few years ago I fell in love with the HBO series, True Blood. I had an idea for a novel series, and I started looking around to make sure I didn’t see it somewhere else by mistake. As a result, I stumbled upon the Trubie world and became a fan myself.

In like manner, I ended up writing a few novels in the vampire genre and found myself becoming a paranormal romance author. Something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I didn’t feel like myself. Moreover, one of my best friends read my books and found it lacking something.

Henceforth, when being around my other friends at the time, who much enjoyed fantasy and the supernatural, I thought I was overthinking my career. Now a little older and wiser, I realize I believe that I was wrong.

By and large, today, most of these friends are not part of my circle anymore. A difference appears in my way of writing and thinking. Radical changes occurred. As a result, my best friend who noticed something lacking in my writing now sees the real me, and understand who I indeed was. It was my surroundings that choked me from being me.

Some friends do use that power over others without them noticing. Observe what and who is around you; some toxicity isn’t as noticeable as you would think.

Back To Basics

Up to the present time, I was living an illusion of what I was. I mixed liking and passion. My writing is anything but romance, and the paranormal or fantasy is not as much of a passion as it is a fun, enjoyable distraction. It doesn’t represent who I truly am.

I grew up watching full-blown action, low sci-fi, and spy movies. I think in action scenes, not soft kissable or wizard quests. Not that those are bad, they aren’t who I am. Furthermore, upon realizing that I became someone, I’m not. I finished my first high science-fiction horror novel that my other friends didn’t show interest in as much as I did.

While they didn’t enjoy the theme, my editor approved it and can’t wait for the sequel. My best friend, as well as many others, can’t wait to have their nose deep in the story. It proved to me that friendship could be flawed in more than one way because you can lose yourself in others. When I found myself again, I discovered me that is quite exciting.

Secret Service Writing

Growing up a huge fan of spy and mystery, from 007 to True Lies, and more, I felt this part of me missing in my writing. It was hard, but I did it. I placed all my fantasy and paranormal ideas safely on a USB, and I now focus on what I love ACTION and HORROR.

Alongside my evident love for action growing up, horror took a big space in my passion for watching movies and reading. I watched action movies, and I read horror books. So, I thought, why not combine the two, with a handful of spy and see what happens?

The result is that I cannot wait to share what I wrote with everyone. The Obsidian File series is for the lovers of action, horror, sci-fi, and mystery. Furthermore, The Noire Division is about spies of the highest top-secret intelligence in the galaxy. Consequently, The Noire Division focuses on 21st Century Delta Earth. Both series are linked to one another while completing each other, can be read separately.

If you are a fan of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, but like me, also enjoys full-pack action spy movies, well what I write is for you! It has it all, and much more! Finding myself again was the best thing that happened to me.

Action Tech

I believe the genre Action Tech should exist. We cross over so many genres to create our own that we don’t fit in one box anymore. As a result, I found myself part of three genres in one. Influences are all around us and forge us into who we are, especially as artists.

The Frankenstein Series - FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne

I thought I knew who I was around the wrong type of friends. They tried to forge my mind into liking what they enjoyed. It failed. Henceforth, I had to separate myself from them and go back to my essence. My grandpa gave me his movie taste, already. My writing is a tribute to his love and mine.

I’m a weird nerd and author. I love my head and my ideas, and I hope you enjoy the series when it comes out on August 6th, 2019!

A.D. Wayne

Published by Arielle Lyon

I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

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