Facebook Is Playing Hide And Seek

What started as a platform to connect and create new friendship grew to become more. It gave a chance to many of us to create a fanbase for our art. What used to be a light lost its shine. What used to give us freedom now tries to blind us.

It Started Small

Facebook is the number one platform for many artists and authors in the indie community. Many of us depend on this particular social media to develop our social media platform and create a follower base.

It started with opportunities to boost posts and create ads. Following, Facebook grabbed all the advertisement it could to overflow the newsfeed of its users. It was like watching a movie with except with every five scenes you got five minutes of advertisement!

Big corporations bit on the occasion to buy advertisement spots, and then, those who succeeded in the indie community did the same. Maybe they didn’t realize they were hurting their fellow indies or maybe it’s everyone for themselves and I didn’t get the memo.

Then It Got Bigger

Once the boosts and ads became permanent, something else came around. The indie community decided to fight back by bringing up creative ideas such as Takeovers and Giveaways. Promotional Groups popped from bloggers to authors and more.

The idea behind those was simple, help everyone by giving a chance to have a wider audience. Authors would take over other authors’ pages, and create fun games, share their newest news and release. It would be a party on someone’s page.

Following that idea, hashtag Sharing is Caring came to life. Every Sunday, all artists from the indie community would write a post with the hashtag Sharing is Caring. People would share their website, Facebook pages, and Groups, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and whatnot.

The indie community flourished with those new ideas. Despite the impact following the monetary ad and boost bomb, the indie community rose stronger and stood together. Sadly, it couldn’t last long and was short-lived.

Fight The Man

Facebook created a way to track down the following words, Takeovers, Giveaways, SharingisCaring. No matter the form, once those words are in the radar, the posts are automatically falling in the 1% view section of Facebook.

It creates stagnation in the growth of indie branding. Sadly, the community is now running out of options and ideas. To add to this misery, now Facebook is making it more complicated for all indies by blocking even more options.

Chat Bubble
Chat Bubble

Group chats are now a thing of the past. On August 20th, 2019 or so, Group Chats disappears. Interesting, since group chats belonging to promotional groups helped to keep all events in line and on schedules. Isn’t it convenient?

Rub The Salt

To add salt into the open wound, now all professional pages have the notification mentioning that on September 1st, 2019 specific blocks in the About section is to become obsolete.

Guess what those sections are? Company Overview, biography, Personal Information, and Affiliation, sections that can make or break your company.

Furthermore, those sections are crucial to make your brand unique and permit people to relate. It can make the difference between a brand full of hatred and one that is a free spirit. Isn’t it again, convenient?

My advice is to make sure in your Pin Post/Announcement, that you make sure that information appears loud and clear. Do not let those sections go to waste or disappear. Many people are now aware of looking deeper into brands before either purchasing or following.

The Battle Started

We have to face reality. Facebook is now a frenemy. They know we need them and they want money. Sadly, we cannot give it to them. They are already rich beyond imagination, and greed is one trait I cannot feed — power corrupt. Facebook is a good example.

Solutions to those problems are not necessarily to change and rebuild a platform. The best is to dodge bullets by finding options. Takeovers can easily take place on a website using comments for interactions and natural linking.

Alexa Wayne Talking Vampires

Moreover, Giveaways can also be linked to a website and hosted on a different platform such as Twitter or Google Hangout, which is an add-on option chatbox much like Messenger and is on your browser. Many forget, but YouTube is a great place to have live events with a live audience, and the event can also be private.

The battle started, but it’s far from over. Other platforms want their chance at getting their bite off of Facebook. They are waiting for their next false move. Other social media know the importance of a substantial following for the indie community.

Stand Together

The hardest part of social media has people to interact, like, share, and do it all over again. If indies cannot rely on other indies to do that simple task, who can we turn to to help us grow?

I am telling you if every one of us stops the interaction and helping, Facebook won, and this article has no reason to be. It’s over. However, if we stick together and leave a comment, like, share, and keep doing it and come up with new ideas, then we won. Facebook, Game Over.


We got this the indie community. We need to take each other’s hand and stand. Let Facebook fall on its own, as we stand tall. We can face the battle and win this again and again. No corporation can win if we don’t let it.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

Published by Arielle Lyon

I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Is Playing Hide And Seek

  1. Awesome post alexa!!! I have watched little by little author’s and their groups and pages be kited and be targeted and it’s not right!!! We need women to stand together and maybe even start a social site that doesn’t alienate writers or fans like me. Writers have more power then they know,they just need to fight to be heard!! Shared on my socials!!💋💖👍😉

    Liked by 2 people

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