Alexa Wayne

Born in the art field, surrounded by artists and a desire to become an artist, I did everything I could to be me.

A. Wayne

I am introverted, and I do not hide it anymore. I even believe it to be an asset for someone who is like me, writing and drawing all day long. I do it with my little dog, Carey by my side.

Writing is for me something that is vital. I wouldn’t see myself doing anything else. My novels and illustrations are my home.

Blogging About What?

Blogging is something I do on a regular basis with Gothic Bite Magazine, The OCD Nerd News. While I started with The Geek Initiative, it didn’t take me long to desire to have my own platforms.

However, this blog is all about my personal interests, what I hold dear to my heart from my IBS to my love for animals and the environment. Oh! I would love to share more about ancient history or my passion for the Age of Piracy. Maybe some fantasy too!

Why Am I Different?

Nah, I’m not that different than everyone else, however I like to think some of my subjects can be interesting. I’m someone who loves to learn and share!

I hope to attract a wonderful and new audience. My art is for everyone that share a love for ancient history, sci-fi, superheroes and even Disney! I made my name drawing cartoons of the Hotel Transylvania series, Mavis.

So, you can come by if only for the art, or stay a little and see what I might have to say!

Curious About My Background?

I studied many subjects, from history to science, I guess I qualify as a nerd! I enjoy learning and knowing more about history and what makes Earth unique in every way.

I obtained a degree in graphic & web design eight years ago. Following, I went to Syn Studio and studied Digital Painting | Storytelling & Design | Character Rendering.  Subsequently, I took online sequential art | Inking & Rendering | Anatomy and Comic Book Art classes with Comics Experience.  

I also own a diploma in web design from WordPress with TeachUComp.  Moreover, I am certified in: Novel Writing | Creative Writing | Proofreading & Editing | Social Media Marketing | Blogging Business | Self-Publishing | Virtual Assistance | Astronomy | Ufology | Cryptozoology | Wicca with Centre of Excellence.

I took many art classes to help me with my development as a well-rounded artist.  I didn’t wish to rely on no one to become the writer that I envisioned in my head to become.  I love everything when it comes to creating a project.  

I like doing the research, the marketing, graphics, and web design.  I enjoy the entire process of turning a piece of art — including writing, into something incredible.

A Little More

I needed something more, and that was to gain writing experience.  The Geek Initiative became the first blog I worked for as a professional writer reviewing Star Trek Discovery and writing scientific articles.  

I enjoy the geeky environment and the opportunity they gave me.  The founder and editor in chief became my novel editor, Tara M. Clapper from who I learned to create my blog, Gothic Bite Magazine for the horror and dark nerds.

Gothic Bite Magazine Website by Alexa Wayne

I have even trained a few people in organizing their thoughts to create novel series with my World Building Workshop and gave drawing workshops rigorously.  

Whatever it is that makes me unique, is my strength as an artist and author specializing in paranormal and science-fiction horror.  It took me a long time to appreciate the fact that I’m just as much a nerd with much imagination than I am vampire obsessed.

Published by Arielle Lyon

I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

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