Creativity Stopped By Social Media

When I started in this pursuit of making my dream come true social media was only beginning. Facebook was all the rage with tweens, Twitter was to fail, and DeviantArt was for the best artists. In one decade, everything tumbled down.

By Social Media: Facebook

At first, Facebook was a place to meet people with shared interests and share your daily activities down to your bowel movements. Tweens would use the tool to either strengthened their friendship, spy on others, stalk, or bully. Sad but true. But then, it all changed, others saw the potential and turned it into a marketing weapon. Creativity stopped by social media must end now.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo

The indie community flourished under the power of Facebook. The opportunity given to artists from literature to music to illustrators and cinema, the indie world burst into this magnificent gentle monster.

Sadly, the big names saw the potential, and with one snap of their fingers, the indie community was back to square one but not without a fight.

ME by Alexa Wayne
ME by Alexa Wayne

Now, Facebook is not a popular hot spot anymore. Younger generations see the F as a “grandparent tool,” and its name is slowly losing power. However, if you’re Millennial X (Gen Y) and older, most of our audience is still active on this “grandpa” tool. 

By Social Media: Twitter

This little fella that many find so confusing and hard to understand is what you think it is. Twitter is a fast-food venting and promoting tool. It’s an excellent place for the indie community. I was skeptical at first, but once I found the community, I realized I could grow quite an audience.

Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo

In a matter of a month or two, I went from 200 followers to nearly a thousand, and now, I’m over 3K followers. The trick with Twitter is to find a way to compress your idea and find the right keywords to share.

Interact with your audience, not just YOUR posts, but actually read what other people have to say and comment. Participate, and see a significant difference in your analysis.

Hemlock Grove - Roman Godfrey Bill Skarsgård by Alexa Wayne
Hemlock Grove – Roman Godfrey Bill Skarsgård by Alexa Wayne

Twitter is scary, I know, so limited and the hashtags, but in the indie community, it’s a great tool. As long as you are willing to participate and by that, I mean, put interest somewhere else than yourself, you can grow an audience.

By Social Media: Instagram

Instagram belongs to Facebook. So, it isn’t a surprise that the tricks working for Facebook are the same for Instagram. The recipe is identical; the ups and downs are the same.

The algorithm that limits your reach knows its limitation due to other people buying advertisements in your same expertise. Instagram now suffers from Facebook Flu. It regurgitates the indie community who cannot afford advertisements.

Instagram Logo
Instagram Logo

The trick now with Instagram to grow your audience is to follow those endless LOOPS. Moreover, again, show interest in other posts than your feed. Generally, people who like Facebook have Instagram. So, you are looking at the same age demography again.

The Frankenstein Series - FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne

The hardest thing in social media is to have people Like and Comment and Share your posts. That’s all of it, I know, but people are selfish by nature. Social media doesn’t help by reducing the reach of each of its members because they don’t buy ads. Creativity stopped by social media aka mostly Facebook and Instagram must end.

By Social Media: Tumblr

Tumblr, remember that one? It’s like Twitter Without Limits. Well, this little gem is actually capable of reaching a younger generation. Tumblr attracts diversity in people in all its meanings. The LGBTQ+ and people from all around the world are gathered in that little space.

Tumblr is regaining popularity because it doesn’t follow Facebook and Instagram’s rule of advertisement. They don’t reach out and twist your arm until it falls off to pay for an ad.

Tumblr Logo
Tumblr Logo

Plus, Tumblr is easy to use and quite pleasant as a quiet little place. You can grow quite an audience and followers. However, you cannot be selfish, which means you must: Like, Comment, Share, and do your little work; otherwise, the community can forget you.

No advertisement required, Tumblr can be a paradise for the indie community, as long as you can show you care.

By Social Media: DeviantArt

DeviantArt scared many artists. It was THE place for professionals and artists you wished to become “when you grow up.” Now, it’s open to everyone, from beginner skills to intermediate and beyond.

The art that stole everything is Fanart. People like to recognize what they look at or what they wish to buy. What is fantastic with DeviantArt is that you can sell downloads, prints on canvas, stationery, and more.

DeviantArt Logo
DeviantArt Logo

While many artists had frustration because Fanart became the number one attraction, people must understand that if you want them to care about your creation, give them a reason and work at it.

DeviantArt is a vast community of artists: illustrators, painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, authors, screenwriters, and more. It’s an ever-growing platform that now accepts everyone.

Hell On Wheels - Cullen Bohannun Anson Mount by Alexa Wayne
Hell On Wheels – Cullen Bohannun Anson Mount by Alexa Wayne

By using everyone, I mean, just like Tumblr, the LGBTQ+ is strong, and DA is all around the world. You can touch many people with your art. Again, you must find forums and groups and interact with others, but once you find them, strong friendship can grow.

By Social Media: Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual place: poster, painting, photography, illustration, videos. Pinterest does have a quite useful tool for analytics. They do run ads, but they do not share the heinous deceiving algorithm that Facebook and Instagram run on and, instead, are more transparent.

Pinterest Logo
Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is the right place for the indie community to share their work and link that work back to their site of preference. The trick with Pinterest is to keep pinning every single day. The more you pin and repin, the more your numbers grow. Come up with a pin every day or every two days, and your numbers grow exponentially.


It’s not a community, so don’t treat it as such. It’s marketing to have your work out there. It’s a visual place.

Creativity Stopped

Now that you know people stopped their Like, Comment, and Share, you know the exact meaning of this expression…

An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.

Are we so selfish that our community is not worth a like or a share?

I believe the words are there: if you don’t care, then I don’t care, and that results in: we’re not going anywhere.

Stop asking yourself why you should care and just care. Like, comment, share, and the wheel of selfishness stops, and the indie community can start growing again.

The indie community doesn’t have the resources the big corporations and companies have. We must instead push one another to the top and give a hand to those who need it. Creativity stopped by social media is also synonym of those using the platforms to grow themselves but not others.

Creativity and Social Media

It is possible to grow a broad audience with social media, the trick is to involve yourself in the community to meet people and create a network. Do not believe that they come to you if you aren’t ready to step outside your “virtual” door.

Facebook/Instagram is the pandemic of “work for the man,” with eyes on eyes. However, there are groups that can help. It’s not the place to sell but a place to meet and expend your network.

Black Sails - Alexa Wayne Twitter Screenshot
Black Sails – Alexa Wayne Twitter Screenshot

Twitter is a fun place to share your work, participate in discussions, and veterans are waiting for creatives to share their buying links. Scouts are often on Twitter too to see what creative people have to offer.

Tumblr and DeviantArt are the ones that can make a difference. Younger and more diverse people can fall for your craft and art and share it on their social media. Suddenly, your name crosses over to an entirely new generation. As indie artists, we must not show fear to uncharted territories.

Holiday Collection by Alexa Wayne

Money and Creativity In Social Media

This isn’t an article about how to make money with your craft. It’s about how to reach farther than you have. It’s about stopping selfishness and opening people’s eyes.

You want people to stop and look at your art, look around you, and what others do. Creativity stopped by social media is a matter of us helping each other grow too not just the algorithms behind the platform.

The Frankenstein Series - UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne

No social media platform sells your art for you. I saw Twitter accounts with over 10k followers, and yet, the account is all about the art of the owner and no Likes, no Comment, no Retweet. Why? Because that author doesn’t interact anywhere and doesn’t care about others, which proves her followers are buy-in.

If the indie community opened their eyes, they would see that something is wrong. We need to stop fearing to lose our audience if we help another member. It’s like fearing becoming dumber if you learn a second or third language. It doesn’t make sense. Help one another, and we can grow together and not against each other.

Creativity Can’t Be Stopped

I created Gothic Bite Magazine to help a smaller portion of creative that often can’t make it because of the theme. My view of Gothic is much more extensive than most. I offer a place for everyone to share their work. Kendra Hale, my #1, helps me ever since the beginning to keep this haven going and reaching farther.

Kendra Hale
Kendra Hale

My blog—this one, is also open to anyone who wishes to share their work and passion. I answer anyone who has a question revolving around my expertise and skills. If I can’t help, I find someone who can. I refuse to keep my mouth shut and ignore someone who wishes to make it in the artistic industry.

Life is hard enough as it is. I refuse to add to that level of difficulty. Open your eyes, realize that something is wrong, and instead of complaining about it, do something about it.

Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne
Mavis Dracula inspired by Alexa Wayne

Trade, give advice, Like, Comment, Share, speak up, and the indie community can become the greatest threat to all the most prominent names. Creativity stopped by social media must end now.

Alexa Wayne

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I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

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