Interviewing The Starship Captain of the LSS Slicer

Alexa Wayne’s Blog loves to interview everyone, including those walking straight out of an Epic Fictional novel such as, UNDER ANIMUS. Come meet with Captain Jason Caldwell.

Captain Caldwell is a human-alien just not from our world, or so he says. He is the captain of the LSS Slicer — RA 1332 starship. He rescued many people in his years at the head of the Slicer, including Åke Nyström and Frankenstein.

Who Is Captain Jason Caldwell

Hello, all readers. I am Jason Caldwell, a starship captain, and physicist. It was mostly in quantum loop theory, astrophysics, astrobiology, and biosynthetic engineering when I was learning. 

I developed an interest in new ways of traveling space, including the possibility of using a binary black hole system as an efficient propeller to engage the Code White protocol onboard the Slicer.

Where I come from learning comes quite natural to people like me. However, some developed the “God Complex,” and it had me re-evaluate my place in the universe. 

The Frankenstein Series - FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne

I decided to leave and instead join forces with those who needed someone like me to help them achieve some kind of peace. I never thought I would be interviewed for entertainment. I’m not that kind of guy. I’m just a boring Irishman who, well, never misses an opportunity to fight for what he believes in.

My story is not a Disney movie. Believe it or not, yes, the company makes it to the twenty-sixth century. It’s more for mature audiences who aren’t afraid of what happens behind the curtains of war on an intergalactic scale. 

There are many alien races out there, and just like you on Earth, not all are good, but many are. Just don’t let it stop you from wanting to reach out to the stars. 

Many answers are out there, and it makes you realize that your questions were quite insignificant when you recognize the scale you’re on, but it doesn’t make you any less important. Just see it as an opportunity to make new friends and expand your mind.


A.W. (ALEXA WAYNE): After reading your introduction, you know about the existence of aliens way before all of us?

JASON CALDWELL: Yes, it is true. But let us keep in mind that I was born in the twenty-fifth century. I already lived in a time where Walrians, Reptilians, Nordics, Olympians, and Ensians were considered neighbors. 

If you stop and look at each star, i.e., sun in the night sky, you must know that it is impossible to be so egocentric as to think we’re alone. Life on Earth is not unique in the galaxy, but it is in its surrounding for the moment. 

Should this Earth passes the test of life and colonizes other planets capable of supporting growth, the first baby born of that colony would be alien to those of Earth. 

See, this system of life, biped, and Homosapien work, and you’ll see that the recipe is quite familiar when you meet other aliens. It is one of the reasons why your own kin has RH- and RH+, because of a once extraterrestrial mix in the recipe. There is no luck or coincidences, for that matter.

A.W.: You say we have already mixed with extraterrestrials by the past, is it still active?

JASON CALDWELL: While I can only speak for my timeline and what I know, I am sure that extraterrestrials are not welcome on Earth publically yet. 

The presence of RH or lack thereof, in human blood still to this day, proves that there have been interactions. At least by the past and passed on through generations. 

With that in mind, most likely, some extraterrestrials identical to human physiology might show up and have some fun too, therefore, spreading the gene. It is inoffensive. For people capable of FTL, it’s like your planning to visit France. 

Extraterrestrials that are passing by Earth now believe me; if they were evil, you would know by now. This sector of the galaxy is in the protections of a few species.

A.W.: So, you are confirming that Earth is surrounded by extraterrestrials that visit us?

JASON CALDWELL: I’m in over my head here. Let’s say that your way of detecting anything that passes by is limited to your advancement. That is in technology, even the extraterrestrial ones some governments discovered by the past.

To this day, humankind doesn’t fully understand the alien technology they have at hand. Your species is not ready for it. For that reason, let’s compare it with Star Trek’s Prime Directive: the extraterrestrial species that are around you keep a safe distance from your scans and radars and keep the lesser nice ones at bay. 

You are a young species in need of attention from us, but when trying, we see a negative response time and time again. Let’s compare it to the teenage years. 

Earth is in its rebellious phase at the moment. This step must pass, and then we might try and open a dialog. 

A.W.: Going back to your story. You said that your life is mature content. Why is that?

JASON CALDWELL: There is nothing I can recall that isn’t of that nature. I fled my home planet to try and stop it from dominating on a universal scale. Well, I wasn’t alone, but I ended up here alone. 

I knew I had to find a Grey Carrier, someone who, in their blood, had a history of Grey’s technology and history. 

See, DNA is not just blood. It is who you are and your ancestry, but it can be more than that. DNA is like an operating system you can add to it whatever you want or detract from it. I’m sure you know about 75% of human DNA is useless “information.” 

In my case, I used that 75% to scramble it into hundreds of other alien species to hide who I indeed was and where I came from. Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s DNA was used by the Greys to hide. 

Also, protect their legacy and knowledge of the universe. See, the Greys are not that compatible with humans, so they had to find one receptive to their genes. 

Quite poetic, if you ask me, the mother was a free spirit who truly believed in the universe being alive, a little hippie, but sufficient enough that her baby ended up being the jackpot for the Greys.

Not all is science; it takes a leap of faith once in a while.

A.W.: You mentioned the Ensians, and I believe those to be quite aggressive. Did the Ensian people catch you?

JASON CALDWELL: See? Mature audience. Ensia is a planet home to a race of xenophobes and isolationists. They do not like other species and wish to remain alone, which to me is fine, it is their choice not to interact with us.

However, in the process, the Dome contacted Ensia. The Dome is an affiliation of many planets with one goal: dominate the galaxy. They convinced Ensia to join them to share their advanced knowledge of the nervous system and neurosciences

The Frankenstein Series - UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne

You’d think a xenophobe and isolationist planet would refuse, but they accepted in the hope to “keep your friends close and enemy closer” would work.

I was captured by them a few times, the Dome use them for torture. Ensian people are nocturnal, mostly live underground on a planet that receives minimum light from their sun. 

Basically, it is just enough to create life. They developed an extreme taste for torture. They do not perceive it as we do. They are quite “alien” in that way. I was inflicted pain from them in many different ways throughout years of fighting the Dome.

A.W.: How do you deal with so much pain and torture and remain captain?

JASON CALDWELL: When living in a time of war where each of us needs to fight to preserve freedom, surrendering to your fears is not an option. Dreading death is a choice. Committing suicide when captured by the enemy is a choice and one that should never be judged. 

I chose to go under torture because I needed information, and I trusted my crew would save me. I used to fear death until I understood that it dying was the most natural part of living. 

Some say I shouldn’t be captain because of the torture I went through, because of the drastic decisions I make, because of my DNA and my involvement with Scorpio.

Yet here we are, I still hold the title, and Liberty still needs me. Do I sleep at night? I don’t think anyone that fought a war honestly can. 

When I say battle, I don’t necessarily mean a group of people against another, it could be you against yourself. We all have demons, and living or dying with them is a choice. I choose to remain captain of my life and my crew.

A.W.: We are about to read the chapter of your life where you are a prisoner of the Abacination, is there anything you’d like to say about it that isn’t in the book?

JASON CALDWELL: When I was abducted, Zachariah wasn’t supposed to die. That was not part of the plan. It broke me. I lost so much that day when I decoded onboard the Skullcrusher, and we docked at the Abacination.

Braxton took over the Abacination when it was supposed to be Zachariah in charge. Everything went south, and despite our plan having a backup plan and so on, we lost. 

The Frankenstein Series Display by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series Display by Alexa Wayne

I tried to Zachariah 2, but it didn’t work. I crossed Zachariah 1 on board. his report from Liberty said that he died during his mission. Everything went wrong.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though you think mathematic can predict nearly everything, even human behavior, space-time will come and knock you right on your ass. I thought I had everything, I won, but I lost more that day than I ever did in my entire life.

A.W.: In the Frankenstein book we see that you hide a lot about your past and that King doesn’t trust you, is there a reason?

JASON CALDWELL: There are many reasons, and all are valid from his point of view. Under Animus, people will understand better why he developed resentment. 

I met King while working on the radio when a convict on the Abacination for the first time. I was trying to make contact with Liberty and caught his radio signal. 

We exchange information, and he decided to help me escape. The Abacination is a prison camp the size of a metropolis and can hold over three million people. It took us a decade to plan the escape, and that was because I wanted to build something quite specific. He helped me every single step of the way.

King and I were brothers, or so I thought. But hey, all of it is in there and the third one after that.

A.W.: With all the battles, the scars, and life you lived, have you ever reached out for professional help?

JASON CALDWELL: Of course I do. I never understood why so many people on your Earth see it as a weakness or only as fake. 

I can say it here because it doesn’t affect my life per se, but I suffer from posttraumatic-stress-syndrome, acute anxiety, and night terrors. I do take medication for it, and I do meet with Dr. Watson regularly.

There are things I need to understand from my past. There are decisions that I made that I need to know why I did. Dr. Watson, our psychiatrist, is beaming support in our crew. He heard me talk of when I was stretched on a rack, and Zachariah was cutting me open. It was like those images we have of hell. 

I thought I deserved it. But, Dr. Watson instead reminded me that as long as I cannot understand what led me to that rack and forgive myself for having no control over Zachariah’s thoughts, I won’t be able to move to pass it. 

People have to stop seeing weakness as a weakness. People that cry are not weak. They are brave people who have been strong for too long.

A.W.: When abducted from the Slicer, you resigned as its captain and transferred all of your power to Frankenstein, do you regret it?

JASON CALDWELL: I regret nothing. If everything were to happen again, I would do it the same. Frankenstein is the strongest woman I have ever met. She believes herself to be weak and incapable of leading people to success, but she’s what my universe needs. 

Frankenstein makes many sacrifices but tries to be the one sacrificed. She protects the Slicer like a mother shielding her child. She was born to be a spaceship captain, and the Greys chose her to become their heir. 

The Frankenstein Series by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series by Alexa Wayne

She is from the twenty-first century, yet she has proven that she belongs in our time. For once in my life, I made a decision I never double-checked.

A.W.: As the last question, as a starship captain, how do you think humans will do if we ever achieve space travel, and do you believe we could reach FTL?

JASON CALDWELL: Oh, dear, you might hate me now. I’m a human, just not from here, right? But still a human. Do I believe this Earth will achieve space travel? 

Yes, I do think you will be able to construct a vessel capable of transporting humans to Mars or the moon. After all, soon, Earth will reach a point where there will be a lack of helium, among other essential periodic table elements.

As for the FTL or “Faster Than Light” travel, your people are aware of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and predictions. You have speculative physics, among other topics you see in science fiction, offering different versions of traveling faster than light by “cheating” physics like the warp engine in Star Trek.

You are aware of it, and some scientists do recognize the somewhat possibility. However, by the time your people realize it might be useful to consider moving, it’ll be too late. 

I do not believe Earth will subsist long enough to support a nuclear war and the overwhelming pollution, overfishing, global warming, among other matters.

I’m not saying you are not smart enough, I’m assuming the priorities are not in the right order. When people choose to fight among themselves instead of building a proper cleaning water system for people or farming, we’re far from space exploration. 

Sadly, as long as Earth’s leaders believe money is more important than life, there won’t be a future long-lasting enough for Earth to support the overpopulation. 

You have one Earth, one planet, to feed and hydrate over eight billion people. Add to that the “Earth’s agenda” its personal regeneration, pandemic, recalibration, and the human factor with pollution and CO2. There’s just not enough time.

That is my opinion. Am I negative? Probably but that goes along with my story. Also, what it causes in the twenty-sixth century to happen. Perhaps I have said too much already of where I am from after all?

After all, I am from an Earth, but the question is which one?

Thank you, Wild Dreams Publishers for believing in my science fiction series! Thank you to Kendra Hale‘s editing, Rebecca Hill‘s editing, and James Vaughan for listening to my crazy ideas and helping me brainstorm when I’m in a writer’s block. I also wish to thank Dazed Design!

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