The Frankenstein Series’ Future

The Frankenstein Series © — Under Animus by Alexa Wayne — 2020

A 21st-century woman fights aliens when transported into the future. Welcome to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE in SPACE, where everyone dies, but the question is: which timeline can it be?

The Horror of Space

Space is a horrific place when one thinks about it. It’s a vacuum where, if there is no oxygen, life ends the moment suction pulls it out. It is a place where your blood boils before it evaporates. Space is no place for the faint of heart. 

If you have no intention of fighting for your place in the galaxy, do not fly above our atmosphere where there is no gravity. No one should go into a fight without expecting a nosebleed at the very least. The advice is, stay on Earth where it is safe – for the moment.

The Frankenstein Series – UNDER ANIMUS – Book Trailer by Alexa Wayne

Then again, what if in the comfortable era of the twenty-first century, aliens and humans from the future come to knock on your door and say: “We need you.” What would your answer be? 

Let’s face it. Time is not linear. It is a wave where each dimension past, present, and future coexist. That’s where the idea of The Frankenstein Series emerged.

The LSS Slicer

The LSS Slicer is a warship that maps the multidimensional wormholes and black holes in the universe. The crew goes where no one else dares. The reason is simple; there is no guarantee of ever returning home. 

Commanded by a somewhat secretive captain—it doesn’t matter if Caldwell or Frankenstein is in command. The crew faces the darkest demons that the universe has to offer. The Slicer crew keeps living on high alert.

The Dome Corporation

The Dome has an association with various alien species. It includes the Scorpio, Earth, Ensia, Rome, among others. Their belief is quite simple: they need to start the universe anew in a better image; their image. 

The Dome Corporation believes that they alone can bring order to a chaotic universe. To achieve their goal, some species must suffer extinction. But they cannot reach their ideal as long as AIs, Nordics, Walrians, Olympians, Libertians, Aranea, and Reptilians exist. 

Their best line of defense is their Khe Army. Brainwashed bodies of civilian soldiers and AI sympathizers repurposed as drone soldiers. You can refer to them as an army of disposable people. They kill whoever The Dome orders them to die.


The Dome’s greatest ally beside Earth is a species from Scorpio. They are called Legionnaire when in groups as one, they refer to themselves as Legion. They are highly efficient in their tactical warfare as well as spreading fear throughout their portion of space. After all, everyone knows not to enter, Rake Space.

The infiltration of The Dome Corporation happened throughout a series of multidimensional duplication. They would build their corporation on planets they wished to possess as allies posing as a biotechnology research company to find the key: the Grey Carrier known as Frankenstein.

The Alliance

At first, the Alliance united many alien species. They had the Walrians to the Gizian and a few others in between. However, AIs and other species doubted their loyalty to their cause. The dream of freeing the galaxy from The Dome and camouflaged their leave.

The goal of the Alliance was to dismantle the “time machine” from The Dome. It was a technology that would often fall through. All missions aborted, and the loss of many spies and double agents piled on to the list of doubts.

In the end, the Alliance was part of The Dome. The last resistance to evil had now to step in.

The Liberty Fleet

The planet Liberty is the first colonized planet by Earth. Populated by Libertians, ex-humans, Androids, and Cyborgs, Liberty became a symbol of hope to all alien species willing to fight evil.

The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne
The Liberty Fleet Badge by A.D. Wayne

The Governor and General build a Space Fleet stronger than anyone else in their part of the galaxy. They attracted many more aliens to join their fleet and line of defense. They even enticed an ex-Legionnaire of Scorpio who risked everything to bring two warships once build by the Greys.

Captain Caldwell

Captain Caldwell was at the head of the LSS Slicer for six years before receiving the green light to go after the Grey Carrier, Frankenstein. He saw the war from the Dome’s point of view, Scorpio’s best seat, he witnessed the fall of the Alliance and joined Liberty.

The Frankenstein Series - FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – FRANKENSTEIN #1 by Alexa Wayne

He proved his loyalty by freeing thousands of innocents from the Abacination, also known as the Penitentiary Country. The Abacination is a place where a convict comes in but never gets out. Caldwell survived twice. His knowledge is the greatest the Milky Way revered, but it also attracts evil eyes.

Meet Frankenstein

Frankenstein, believed to be a male scientist, turns out to be a “she” and a computer scientist specialized in biosynthetic and artificial intelligence. She worked at CaldTech Industries, the most valued twenty-first-century company for their most advanced technological findings in various fields. They are the Dome Corporation’s greatest nemesis.

When an explosion occurred, Frankie took a sabbatical after her young boss and CEO of CaldTech Industries strongly encouraged it. She found herself alone in her French cottage and turned to her hobby, ufology. She discovered more than she bargained for and was found by fate.

When abducted by the LSS Slicer crew, Frankie went through a depression followed by violent psychological stress. Not only was she on a starship among aliens, but also she moved to the twenty-sixth century in the middle of a multidimensional war. The one target being her.

Her psychological profile showed PTSD, chronic anxiety, OCD, night terrors, and many phobias. Yet, Frankie refused to walk away from her duty to protect the twenty-first-century Alpha Earth. After many missions, Frankie became first in command and now, captain of the Slicer and part of the LFF.

The Grey Gene

The common goal of all sides of the war comes down to one element: the Grey gene. The Greys existed eons ago, their advancement so vast some speculates they reached other universes and dimensions. 

They either disappeared or moved from our universe, leaving behind a trace of hope to possess all of their knowledge, one gene. Little evidence of their passage left behind leads to the conclusion that one human has it in their DNA.

The Frankenstein Series
The Frankenstein Series

After years of research and the process of elimination, Frankenstein became the number one target and number one most wanted person in the universe. Lucky for her, the LSS Slicer found her first. But keeping her alive has a price.

The Grey gene encrypted in her DNA once activated, changed Frankie forever. Her knowledge expanded, her senses keener and her strength duplicated. A meta-human on the verge of becoming the only pawn capable of bringing the kingpin down or turning on her people. Who knows?

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.


The Frankenstein Series is a Suspenseful Science Fiction novel series. It revolves around the character of Frankie, who battles not only her enemies but also inner demons.

Action-packed, The Frankenstein Series promises double-crossing, backstabbing, space battles, and warfare. Of course, drama, glory, and gore are at the rendezvous point where all goes to hell.

Ask yourself this: when you have the most powerful asset to the war all in one place and a starship capable of mapping all the most secretive holes in our universe, where would you want to go? Frankie’s answer would be, “Let’s go to the edge of the unknown.”

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I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

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