What I Love About Science Fiction And The Future

This dream of being an epic sci-fi author was in my head for years! I came up with the idea for The Frankenstein series some twelve years ago or so. I wanted it to be perfect until I realized the impossibility.

Science & Fiction

What I love about science fiction and the future? That’s quite a question. What I most enjoy about a good sci-fi novel, series or movie, is when people put some thought into the science behind the fictional obvious.

When there is a backstory to what becomes possible in the future and not just “the audience can accept it, they are not oblivious to sci-fi.” I find that thought process to be a little lazy.

The Frankenstein Series — UNDER ANIMUS by Alexa Wayne

When I decided to write sci-fi, I decided to do much serious research. I’m not saying my ideas are entirely different from others — people who wrote the genre way before me did research.

Of course, some sources resemble others because there is only so many FTL (faster than light) travel hypothesis that can be stretchy but somewhat eventually possible.

Sci-Fi Love

I even researched solar systems that could eventually be reachable by us, from Earth. I crossed check sources from Wikipedia to Space.com, to EarthSky and NASA.

I went back and forth and looked at many possibilities. I needed to find many planets and other details that might eventually be of great importance to my series.

Earth from space at night with a digital communication system. Some elements of the image provided by NASA. 3D illustration

Science fiction isn’t just fiction. It was vital for me to get specific facts before planning a space-based novel. Of course, reading and research were my best pals along this writing journey.

Aliens & Horror

Despite being a Trekker, Star Trek The Next Generation, fan here! It is the movie Event Horizon that got me into the horror side of science fiction. After all, TNG or Star Trek, in general, is no horror factor. Haha.

Event Horizon Movie 1997
Event Horizon Movie 1997

The Alien franchise hooked me from the start, just as RoboCop (1987) did, but Event Horizon combined my favorite subject: sci-fi and paranormal. It is tough to bring harmony to both questions, and yet, they did it in a quite smart way. I cannot say how much I love that movie.

About Sci-Fi

With my novels from The Frankenstein Series, I’m bringing the readers into a new science fiction world and dimension. Not unique in the sense that it’s a super original idea that is groundbreaking, but it is my story and my world.

It is a series that doesn’t take place on one planet but happen in an entire universe on multiple dimensions. For that reason alone, the series has two spin-offs fleshed out.

The Frankenstein Series — Frankenstein — Book 1 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series — Frankenstein — Book 1 by Alexa Wayne

The Frankenstein Series and the first novel, Frankenstein, is the beginning of the story. You met the main crew and dropped in the middle of the action, just like the main character, Frankie. You meet the Rakes, the Dome, a secretive captain, and a reptilian doctor.

That is the beauty of science fiction. It opens up to possibilities and theories that can only take shape if you sit down, do research, and bring it to life.

The Frankenstein Series

The second novel takes place right where the first novel left off. You do not miss a beat. But everything changed. Nothing is the same down to the core of the ship. Everything is new. Frankie changed, the mission changed, and no one knows how to achieve the goal they have to meet.

The 21st-century woman, with her abilities and knowledge, is afraid of losing her humanity. Everything is a test. In a future so distant as the 26th century, battling and fighting to keep 21st century Alpha Earth untouched, what would you do?

The Frankenstein Series - UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne
The Frankenstein Series – UNDER ANIMUS #2 by Alexa Wayne

To what extent are you ready to go? What lines are you prepared to cross to keep your home world safe?

Frankie faces many obstacles, some as simple as, “Does it matter? If there are infinite possibilities and realities, do any of us matter?”

What To Love

Science fiction made our world and universe possible. Everything we use today, as simple as our smartphone or as old as our 80s microwave were once futuristic or crazy talk, and now, we can’t imagine our lives without those objects.

When Frankie’s abduction brings her to the 26th century, I asked myself how I would react. What emotions would cross my mind and what type of fright I would go, though in my mind.


Let’s face it, an 80s microwave is antique to us today, but show it to someone from the Middle Ages, and you might be a witch. Frankie knows it’s technology, but what can it do and why is war still winning over life?

So, what I love about science fiction and the future? Writing about it and hoping it’ll come true and humans can finally pass the test of life.

The OCD Ufologist,
Alexa Wayne

Published by Arielle Lyon

I'm a full-time make-believer who loves the 80s and do lots of research on various topics. I'm a nerd to the core and a geek in my heart. I'm also Alexa Wayne.

4 thoughts on “What I Love About Science Fiction And The Future

  1. My two science fiction novels go into the 22nd Century. Even so the pace of advancement suggests that technology can still make vast leaps in near future years. Conversant with how, as an author, you need to follow scientific discovery closely. It’s good to read about your experiences when writing science fiction. Imaginative leaps need to be made, constantly. More challenging than when you have a straightforward novel plot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, science fiction requires, I believe more research than other genres. Not that other genres don’t have their complexity, but science-fiction requires research and understanding of that so-research. Plus, once you choose the research to base your theory on you need to stick with it so it has a consistency. I just love it so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad your dream has come true!!! I love this series so much!!! Frankie is one of my fave characters of all time!!! Keep reaching for the stars!!! Your so very talented and I think you friggin ROCK!!!💕💋😉😍💖

    Liked by 1 person

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