Do Aliens Like Gumbo?


There are the usual UFO places like Roswell as the most famous one, but there’s one case I found quite interesting.

Is Louisiana home to aliens?

Louisiana is a State with a unique history with Creole and French influences, among others. Louisiana inspired many authors in the paranormal realm.

It does have its share of mystical legends and folklore, and yet, despite a few testimonies, no one talks about its alien history.

Menage A Trois

At 4:53 AM on December 20th, 2016, a massive booming sound in the town of Kenner. The witness stepped outside of his house and videotaped a triangular object hovering over his head at a low distance. The sound, distinctive, first echoed ten minutes before he walked out of his house to record the event.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

“The sound is strange because we are not able to figure out where it is coming from, and normally it is easy to tell where a sound like this is originating from.”

Eye Witness

Following the statement, the eye witness explained that when he looked with his own eyes, the triangular UFO moved toward the western side of his property.


The description given by him had the UFO shinning three lights, giving it its triangular shape. The witness knew it wasn’t an airplane, helicopter, or a drone. He was able to compare the noise to flying objects since he lived close to an airport.

Following Up!

The eye witness recorded the footage from the UFO, which is now from the MUFON archives. It is quite rare to capture an event such as a hovering unidentified flying object. That same witness had a similar experience on March 2nd, 2007, involving a similar UFO triangular-shaped object.


The town of Kenner is one of the largest in Louisiana, making it the biggest in Jefferson Parish with nearly 70’000 people.

Louisiana is a State that I am quite passionate about despite not having visited it yet. However, I refuse to believe that such a place is stranger to UFO sightings. I am still digging up to find strange extra-terrestrial activities. Who knows what I might find!

Report Any Sighting

Reports to MUFON comes by many at a time from all over North America. I am hoping to find more when it comes to this beautiful historical state.

Cajun Food
Cajun Food

UFO sightings are often not talked about, afraid we might go as crazy to other people; however, it can be quite helpful to report it to MUFON who archives and investigates UFO sightings.

It doesn’t have to be precise or be of any specific shape, only reported. The study of our sky is impressive, and we learn about it more every day. Help us turn ufology into a science!

The OCD Ufologist,
Alexa Wayne

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