The Aurora Incident Can It Be Real?


It was on April 15th, 1897, that a sighting of an unidentified flying object occurred. According to witnesses, it crashed on farmland. It happened in the town of Aurora in the State of Texas.

The Claim

The Aurora Incident can it be real? There are so many cases when we go back to the USA government opening Project Blue Book. Many debunked while others still eludes us.The term UFO didn’t exist back in the 19th century.

In fact, the word became fluent when Project Blue Book was in full activity back in 1953 by the United States Air Force.

However, in 1897, those sightings were incomprehensible and happened far in between, or if it occurred often, people preferred not to speak of it and kept their mouth shut, or maybe not.


In fact, for two years—1896-1897, people from Aurora reported to see often an aircraft resembling the shape of a cigar, and this claim, was not unique to the town but the entire United-States. It is fair to believe that the villagers were no stranger to an alien visit or two.

UFO Front Page Headline

On April 17th, 1897, the newspaper Dallas Morning News shared an article written by an Aurora resident.

The resident, S.E. Haydon, reported the extra-terrestrial craft crashed into a windmill at 6:00 in the morning—central time. The article even mentioned the owner of the farm, Judge J.S. Proctor. Haydon referred to being aboard the craft as a “Martian.”

Aurora, Texas, USA
Aurora, Texas, USA

In the Aurora UFO case, it stipulates that the crash of the alien craft resulted in the fatality of the extra-terrestrial being. Fascinating isn’t it? The Aurora Incident can it be real?

The report goes as far as saying the alien has an unmarked grave in the local cemetery. The extra-terrestrial received a Christian burial service. The cemetery has a Texas Historical Commission marker that relates to the incident.

Any Proof Left Behind?

Following the crash, the people from Aurora disposed of the craft. They cleared it under the windmill, where the accident occurred inside a well. Some say that pieces of the debris went along with the body.

Then, in the year 1935, when Mr. Brawley Oates bought the land, he wished to make use of the windmill and therefore cleaned the well.

1897 The UFO crash in Aurora, Texas
1897 The UFO crash in Aurora, Texas

He reported that due to contaminated water, he developed arthritis. Following the illness of Mr. Brawley Oates, a slab of concrete blocks the well, and on it is the year 1957.

Of course, the town showed its fair share of tragedies. There was the destruction of the village’s primary source of revenue. That alone was the cotton crop. A fire followed on the west side that claimed not only buildings but lives as well.

1897 The UFO crash in Aurora, Texas

A railroad that never reached the village and the spotted fever leaving the town in danger of survival and quarantine.

These reports given by a previous mayor of Aurora, Mrs. Barbara Brammer, were there to prove that there never was an “Aurora Incident.”

Haydon Article Aurora Texas UFO Incident 1897
Haydon Article Aurora Texas UFO Incident 1897

To support the mayor’s claim, a resident came forward when the UFO Files television series decided to investigate. Mrs. Etta Pegues, who claimed that Mr. Judge Proctor never had a windmill. After knowing this fact, the Aurora Incident can it be real?

So, is it a hoax or not?

On December 19th, 2005, UFO Files decided to air their investigation on “Texas’ Roswell.” The main reason being that there was no conclusive evidence. The MUFON team dug more in-depth, and two new witnesses added their version of the tale to the investigation.

Mrs. Evans was 15 years old at the time. She claimed her parents rushed to the site and was not allowed. Then, Mr. Stephens, ten at the time, remembered his father going to the site the next day and saw the crash.

Nevertheless, the most critical site remained the cemetery where a supposedly extra-terrestrial body resided. However, while in 2005, MUFON did find a grave marker demonstrating a “flying saucer.”

Moreover, their metal detector did signal them something was below. The marker disappeared soon after. So, there was no more signal from the metal detector.

Technology Keep Advancing

There was no giving up on Aurora. Yet, on November 19th, 2008, UFO Hunters decided to do a documentary on the town’s 19th-century incident. Amazingly, the grandson of Mr. Brawley Oates, who became the owner of the land where the crash occurred, came.

The new Mr. Oates agreed to have the team examine his property for debris or any residual pieces from the wreckage. Testing on the water proved that there was a large percentage of the aluminum present.

The team revealed that large pieces of metal once in the water was now out. They even discovered the remains of a windmill base. It proved that the claim from Ms. Pegues was wrong regarding Mr. Judge Proctor.

In 2008, the team of researchers was able to use the radar capable of penetrating the ground. After being shut down twice back in 2005 for a permit for the grave’s exhumation, it gave them hope.

Aurora Texas UFO Case (1897) Great Airship Incident
Aurora Texas UFO Case (1897) Great Airship Incident

One unmarked grave is, in fact, among others from the 1890s. Because of many years of deterioration, the radar was incapable of bringing conclusive results. However, it did prove that remains from a body exists.

So, The Aurora Incident can it be real or do you believe it to be a hoax?

The OCD Ufologist,
Alexa Wayne

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