Interviewing The Starship Captain of the LSS Slicer

Alexa Wayne’s Blog loves to interview everyone, including those walking straight out of an Epic Fictional novel such as, UNDER ANIMUS. Come meet with Captain Jason Caldwell.

Captain Caldwell is a human-alien just not from our world, or so he says. He is the captain of the LSS Slicer — RA 1332 starship. He rescued many people in his years at the head of the Slicer, including Åke Nyström and Frankenstein.

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An Origin of Scandinavian Elves

Elves are part of many fandoms, from fantasy to dystopian and many more in between. But indeed, where did they come from?

 Quick Intro

We see them in our favorite novels and movies. While some imagine them slim, wise, and tall, others see them short, mean, and almost goblin looking.

It doesn’t matter the source. The word elf means something to most of us.

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An Origin of Medieval Dragons

Dragons are mystical creatures that have people wish they existed, but where do they come from?

 Quick Intro

 We have seen dragons in many cultures and taking many forms. There are many looks to them and many origins as well.

Within the fantasy lore, one dragon appearance is seen quite often and is recognizable.

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The Real Republic of Pirates

The pirates are often misrepresented as barbarians and brutes. But that is far from the truth!

Code of Conduct

 In 1706, pirates in Nassau, Bahamas came together and created what we know as the Republic of Pirates. It was to become a stronghold for the brotherhood of privateers situated on the New Providence island. 

Ruled by pirates, of course, the word “republic” was not a formal one, yet, incarnated fear to whoever dared to venture on the island to establish British control.

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A New Sci-Fi Inspiration

I’m a Trekker, a fan of the Star Trek franchise and especially TNG. Mr. Data inspired much of my writing and more.

Universal Law

“Universal law is for lackeys. Context is for Kings,” is a quote from Star Trek Discovery from Captain Gabriel Lorca. It is an understatement to say it is the inspiration of my entire sci-fi series.

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An Origin of Celtic Druids

Druids are not part of the often usage in fantasy novels. There is a reason for that, and it might be their secrecy.

 The Druids Existence

Upon researching my novel, looking for different types of characters I could use aside from the usual, the word Druid popped in my head, and I thought maybe it could be interesting to mix the truth and their folklore.

Druids are not as known as other Celtic legends such as Leprechauns, Faeries, Elves, and Trolls, to only name a few. The influence of the Celtic culture in the Fantasy literature is significant and provides solid roots.

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