Interviewing The Starship Captain of the LSS Slicer

Alexa Wayne’s Blog loves to interview everyone, including those walking straight out of an Epic Fictional novel such as, UNDER ANIMUS. Come meet with Captain Jason Caldwell.

Creativity Stopped By Social Media

Social media all changed, others saw the potential and turned it into a marketing weapon. Creativity stopped by social media must end now.

Nightwalker Has Nothing To Do With Batman

Nightwalker has nothing to do with Batman, the one I love from the comic books, it broke my heart because Batman is missing and Bruce Wayne is massacred.

Is Amazon Truly A Bad Guy For Indies?

Is Amazon truly a bad guy for indies? The question rose a while ago when their policy changed but in reality we must see both sides the seller and buyer.

New Millennium Plagiarism Put Bloggers At Risk

The new millennium put bloggers at risk with the number of bloggers that now have their work vulnerable to stealing and plagiarism can’t be tolerated.